Recording: ‘Adapting the works and history of William Lamport into a sequential art narrative.’

Author of ‘The Legend of William Lamport’ Eoin McAuley spoke via Zoom with the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM) on 17th November 2022, as part of the committee of a research project entitled: “An Irish poet in New Spain: Toward the creation of a digital repository on the life and work of William Lamport”, which is a part of the Research Coordination of the Philosophy and Letters Faculty of the university. A recording of this talk has been provided by UNAM for archival purposes on this website.

Production Note: This talk was translated live into Spanish necessitating a slower pace of delivery and periods of pause for the translator.

UNAM kindly presented McAuley with a Certificate for participation in the colloquium and the creative team behind TLOWL wish to extend their thanks to the University for their support of the project.

For more YouTube content featuring ‘The Legend of William Lamport’, including motion comics of the opening chapter, please check out the official YouTube channel of the graphic novel here.