Livestream: ‘Translating and adapting the works and history of William Lamport into a sequential art narrative’.

Author Eoin McAuley will be speaking at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM) on Thursday 17th November, as part of the committee of a research project entitled: “An Irish poet in New Spain: Toward the creation of a digital repository on the life and work of William Lamport”, which is a part of the Research Coordination of the Philosophy and Letters Faculty the university, UNAM.

McAuley’s talk ‘Translating and adapting the works and history of William Lamport into a sequential art narrative’, will be available to livestream at the official Facebook page for the event found here at 10pm (GMT).

Promotional Image for “An Irish poet in New Spain: Toward the creation of a digital repository on the life and work of William Lamport”, Art and Colours by Cormac Hughes and Tríona Farrell.

Chapter 2 Now In Print

The Legend of William Lamport Chaps. 1 & 2 Front and Back Covers (c) Eoin McAuley 2022

The Legend of William Lamport, Chapter 2, is now in print and will be available at Dublin Comic Con. Copies will be provided for free and can be collected from the Pulse College Workshop room on the Liffey level of the Convention Centre, Dublin. Copies will be in limited supply on a first come first come first served basis with a very limited supply of Chapter 1 available as well.

Although all copies will be free, we will be collecting donations for the Children’s Health Foundation and if you would like to leave a tip in the collection box in lieu of the cost of a book 100% of all proceeds will be sent to the Foundation.

The Legend of William Lamport Chapter 2 (c) Eoin McAuley 2022

If you cannot attend Dublin Comic Con and would like to avail of a copy please e-mail A free dgital copy of Chapter 2 can be found here to download.

The Legend of William Lamport Chapters 1 & 2 (c) Eoin McAuley, 2022

For Dublin Comic Con, ‘The Legend of William Lamport will have a presence at the 10.30am and 11.00am panels on Saturday 6th of August and the 2.00pm Panel on Sunday 7th of August. All panels are in the Pulse College room on the Liffey level of The Convention Centre, Dublin and a floor plan and both timetables can be found below.

Pulse College Panel Room at Dublin Comic Con ’22
DCC Sat Timetable
DCC Sunday Timetable

Lamport Chapter 2 Release

‘The Legend of William Lamport’ , Chapter 2 Cover, Art by Cormac Hughes and Graphic Design by Robin Jones.

‘The Legend of William Lamport’ will have a presence at Dublin Comic Con on August 6th and the 7th at The Convention Centre Dublin.

Last March we held a short Panel at the Pulse College Room and many thanks to those who attended.

Lamport Panel from DCC March 2022 (c) Eoin McAuley 2022

This year we will be returning to the Pulse Room which will host a suite of talks and workshops and we will be handing out a limited number of free printed copies of Chapter 2 to attendees. A timetable of events will be posted here and across our social media accounts in the coming days.

You can also download a free digital copy of Chapter 2 in PDF format here.

For more information on Dublin Comic Con please visit:

Resources on the Life of William Lamport

Later this week we will be continuing with Chapter 2 of ‘The Legend of William Lamport’. In the interim, a couple of readers to the site have been in contact to ask how they could access further information regarding Lamport and his extraordinary life.

Where possible to obtain a copy, Gerard Ronan’s excellent ‘The Irish Zorro- The Extraordinary Adventures Of William Lamport (1615-1659)’, comes highly recommended.

For further historical analysis on the life of William Lamport, History Ireland published an insightful article back in 2001 as part of Early Modern History (1500-1700) entitled ‘The Man Behind The Mask of Zorro’. This article also comes with a ‘Further Reading’ list.

In terms of documentary information Newstalk’s J.J. O’Shea produced an engaging audio documentary Man and Myth which you can still listen to today as a podcast.

Across all aforementioned sources a recurring theme of connecting the life events of Lamport as inspiration for Johnston McCulley in his creation of ‘Zorro’ are implied by the authors. The merits of this statement does warrant further discussion and will serve as the subject of a future article on this site.

In the meantime, we leave you with a preview of what’s to come in our next installment of Chapter 2 with a depiction of the Jesuit College College of Back Lane in Dublin, where a young Lamport would have studied as the ‘Oath of Supremacy’ would have made Trinity College inaccessible to him. Art and colours by Cormac Hughes and Ellie Wright respectively.

Jesuit College of Back Lane, Dublin. Art by Cormac Hughes and Colours by Ellie Wright.