Welcome to the first installment of “The Legend of William Lamport”.

This week, our story begins at the end, as we find our hero making a daring escape from the holding prison of the Grand Inquisition in Mexico, circa 1659.

Lamport escapes his imprisonment to pin accusations against the Inquisition and further declare independence for the Mexican people.

As an added bonus we flash back to Lamport in his youth as a pirate mercenary during the Siege of La Rochelle in 1627.

From pirate adventurer to author of the first declaration of independence in the Indies (a century before the French Revolution). How this came to be be will be explored in our coming chapters as we next look back to Lamport’s childhood in Wexford, 1619.

Lamport-Prologue-Pg. 1
Lamport-Prologue-Pg. 2
Lamport-Prologue-Pg. 3
Lamport-Prologue-Pg. 4
Lamport-Prologue-Pg. 5
Lamport-Prologue-Pg. 6
Lamport- Prologue-Pg. 7

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