Chapter 2 Preview

This week we are concluding chapter 1 of ‘The Legend of William Lamport’, highlighting young Lamport’s childhood in Wexford. This chapter along with our 7 page prologue will be shared in a collected format on our Facebook page shortly after the final installment for chapter 1 is posted (a link to our Facebook page can be found on the contact page of this website- by ‘Liking’ and ‘Following’ the page you will be updated on all of the latest posts and installments of our story).

Ahead of chapter 1’s conclusion we’re offering a brief preview to chapter 2. This will explore Lamport’s teenage years and his wider education. Lamport’s father, Richard, managed to use his resources to have William sent to London for further learning. William’s options at home in Ireland were limited due to ‘The Oath of Supremacy’ which meant that anyone wishing to study in Trinity College, must swear an Oath recognising the King of England as the supreme leader of the Church of Ireland. This alienated the majority of Catholic citizens in Ireland.

Ireland’s political landscape in the 17th Century was further altered by the emergence of the “New English”. This Anglo-Irish class replaced the Gaelic Irish and “Old English” ruling class. The use of “New” and “Old” was to further distinguish them from Hiberno-Norman settlers from medieval times.

These political and sociocultural aspects will be further explored in a brief supplemental essay format on this website.

In the meantime, please enjoy Cormac Hughes’s character design for a teenage Lamport and an extract from chapter 2 page 1.

Sketch of Teenage Lamport by Cormac Hughes
Some Pencil work by Cormac Hughes from Chapter 2, Page 1.

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